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Waterboatcar is your exclusive provider of the world’s most breathtaking and impressive jet cars! Immerse yourself in a new era of transportation on the water with our vehicles. As the first manufacturer worldwide, we have set ourselves the goal of combining innovative technologies with first-class design and high-quality materials. Our spectacular models are the result of a love for high-quality design combined with excellent craftsmanship. Our watercraft therefore impress with their performance, workmanship and outstanding design. Feel the speed on the water in a completely new environment – that’s jetcars from Waterboatcar.

Our goal with Waterboatcar is to set new standards in the industry. Because we believe that jetcars can do more than the market currently offers. While jet skis have enjoyed great popularity for many years, jet cars have only appeared on the market in recent years. However, most manufacturers have not yet managed to meet particularly high standards of quality and design. We at Waterboatcar have changed this. Through the collaboration of experienced product designers, engineers and craftsmen, we have created jetcars that inspire across the board. Our jetcars, powered by powerful jet ski engines, combine driving pleasure, design and innovative technology to perfection.

Can’t wait to find out more about our vehicles? Then take a close look at our range. We are revolutionizing the world of jetcars with five models that are unique on the market. Discover our range and be inspired: from stylish designs to technological masterpieces – at Waterboatcar you will find the perfect jet car for your unforgettable adventure on the water.

WBC - Model B.

The superlative among hypercars. If only the best is good enough for you, this model will meet your requirements.

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WBC - Model FLF

The fastest super sports car – now also on the water. Italian passion meets speed.

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WBC - LA model

The bolide among the waterboat cars. Be careful – not everyone will be able to tame this bull straight away.

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WBC - Model RR

For probably the most stylish appearance you can make on the water. Feel like a royal.

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WBC - Model MG

The epitome of the off-road vehicle is now also conquering the seas – with space for 4 passengers. So what are you waiting for?

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Why Waterboatcar?

Unsurpassed qualityand customer satisfaction

You can rely on our technical expertise, which makes each of our jetcars a masterpiece. Our customer reviews speak for themselves – experience the highest level of satisfaction and an incomparable driving experience with Waterboatcar. If you are interested in a waterboat car, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to take the time to provide you with further information on the respective models.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Waterboatcar – where watercraft become an experience and style meets performance. Start your next adventure on the water today!