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Waterboatcar - Jetcars in a class of their own

Waterboatcar was founded with the ambition to be the most exclusive provider of the most innovative jetcars in the world. Our history is characterized by passion, pioneering spirit and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Our corporate philosophy is based on a deep commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and further development. We place great emphasis on sustainable technologies and are proud to offer jetcars that not only perform, but also impress with stunning designs.

Waterboatcar was born out of a vision to push boundaries and create unique watercraft that not only perform but also set the highest standards in terms of design and technology. As a global brand synonymous with exclusivity and excellence, our vehicles can be found all over the world. In our showrooms in Miami and Dubai, you can get an impression of the materials and quality of our jetcars.

In addition, Waterboatcar is the only jet car supplier with its own production facilities. The latest technologies and advanced production processes ensure our precise and efficient manufacturing process. Our expert production staff monitor every single production step and finish each Waterboatcar by hand. This is how we ensure the quality of every single watercraft.

With most manufacturers and providers of jetcars, you have little to no customization options. This is different with us. As part of our high production quality, we offer you the opportunity to order your waterboat car in our configurator according to your ideas and color preferences. This allows you to configure and order your jet car according to your wishes and ideas. Because we believe that, just like your vehicle on land, your watercraft should reflect your personality. That is why we offer you a wide range of personalization options, from the choice of exterior color to various interior details. Our experienced team works closely with our customers to ensure that their watercraft meets their most demanding expectations and brings their personal vision to life.


We offer you various payment and financing options so that you feel secure during the ordering process. We take responsibility for a seamless payment process. At Waterboatcar, we give our all to offer our customers security, trust and flexible payment options. Simply contact our team during the ordering process and we will be happy to advise you.

The heart of Waterboatcar


Behind each of our jetcars is a team of professionals, engineers and enthusiasts who share a passion for transportation and design. Find out more about the key people behind Waterboatcar. Outstanding quality starts with us from the first contact through to delivery. Discover the expertise that goes into each of our models. Meet our team of experienced jet car experts, marketing specialists and service-oriented salespeople.


At Waterboatcar, we stand for more than just jetcars – we offer a lifestyle experience on the water.


Contact us to learn more about our jetcars and our commitment to excellence. Waterboatcar – where innovation and adventure meet on the water.

Frank Lustig

Frank Lustig

General Sales Manager

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Rahman Tamiz

Rahman Tamiz

General Sales Manager

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Marcel Speiser

Marcel Speiser

Branch manager Dubai

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Linus Fischer

Branch manager Miami

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